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Jibon is not only a organization, it’s a dream. Jibon was officially established on 11th November 2011 as a Blood Donor Association. But gradually it has become the name of trust in Chittagong Hill District locality. Now Jibon is working with their multiple projects along with blood donation. Jibon is directing a project named “Hello Campus” which is working with the students of school, college, universities and trying to enrich their humanity with various unique programs such as leadership training, motivational session, arranging extra curricular activities etc. “Sklill Drops” is an another initiative of Jibon. Jibon is working to skill-up the backward people of our society arranging various skill development programs such as computer basic training, graphics course, handicraft training etc. We also have a partner named Oporajita, which is distinctly leading through the women members and working to increase the women health awareness.



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